What is the Trump administration doing to stop a potential nuclear deal with Iran?

By PAUL CHOMSKY and KAREN JACOBSONCBS NEWSWASHINGTON — The Trump administration is considering what it might do to prevent a potential deal between Iran and world powers that could prevent the U.S. from using the military to try to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons.

The White House is weighing whether it could be willing to allow a deal that would put the U,S.

on the same footing as countries like China, Russia and North Korea that would have to agree to U.N. sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

The Trump administration has said it has not made a final decision on a nuclear deal, but is considering the possibility of using the U!


military to prevent the deal from going through.

It has also raised the prospect that the United States could use military force to halt Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons if that were to happen.

The U.K. is the leading country on the international stage to reach an agreement with Iran on the nuclear issue.

Its foreign minister, Boris Johnson, said Sunday that the country had reached an agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for a lifting of sanctions.

The U. S. has said the accord should be signed.

U.S., Russian, Chinese, French and other Western nations say they will not sign the deal, saying it would weaken the international community.

U. N. Security Council resolutions have been put to a vote.

But it is not clear what action will be taken to block the deal.