When a man walks away from a hospital in the UK, he is expected to pay for it – in cash, in cash. So why is it that there is no cash for this treatment?

With the NHS in crisis and facing the prospect of millions of patients left without care, the Government has unveiled a new cash-for-service scheme that will see patients pay for treatment at a number of different hospitals.

These will be funded by a “pay-to-stay” scheme – where patients pay to stay in the NHS after they have been seen.

But in reality, patients will be expected to put up their own money, or to borrow from a private fund.

The government is now looking to the private sector to fund these services.

As well as the money being put in the hands of the private firms, the new cash scheme will also allow the NHS to cut out the “unnecessary bureaucracy” in the system, which currently sees patients wait weeks for an appointment.

It’s a policy that has been described as a “solution in search of a problem” by former health secretary Michael Gove. 

The government says the money will come from the government’s National Health Service budget, but there are concerns about whether this will work, given the large amount of private money that is being injected into the system. 

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