Panel of experts to review $2.2-billion investment in New Brunswick gas plants

A panel of experts from the province’s Natural Resources and Mines Department has been selected to review a $2-million project that will be built in the region.

The panel will examine the merits of the $2 million proposal for two proposed gas-fired power plants in the St. John’s, Brantford and New Brunswick townships, which is expected to create thousands of new jobs.

The panel will be formed by the Minister of Energy and Mines, John Gaudette.

“We’re looking forward to hearing from you, we’re looking for input from you on a project that could be transformative in the lives of New Brunswickers and their families,” Gaudettes said Wednesday.

“It’s an ambitious project and we need to know how we can get it done.”

Our job as the government of New Brunswick is to make sure that it’s done in the best interests of our citizens, the communities in which it will be located and of our economy.

“We need to make it affordable for New Brunskans to be able to go out and buy gas and gas products.”

The project is to be funded by a $1.3-billion provincial gas tax credit.

The federal government is expected take a portion of the proceeds from the tax credit for its contribution to the project.

The project, known as a power plant in the municipality of St. Johns, has been identified by the province as a key priority for New Brunswick.

The $2 billion project is expected not to be completed until 2025.