Which is the best country to live in?

The country that is the most expensive to live is New Zealand, with an average price tag of $14,868, while the cheapest, the Maldives, has a price tag just $2,400.

In the United States, a top-rated city is San Francisco, and the cheapest place to live, New Orleans, is just $1,100.

Here is the top ten countries to live according to the average cost of living.1.

United States $14.8682.

Maldives $2.4003.

Singapore $1.1004.

Hong Kong $1-2.0005.

Canada $1-$2.5006.

Israel $2-$3.0007.

Sweden $2-3.5008.

Norway $3.7509.

Switzerland $4.00010.

France $4-$5.00011.

Germany $5.25012.

Denmark $5-$5,50013.

Sweden-Norway $6.50014.

Italy $6-7.00015.

Belgium $6-$7.50016.

Australia $7.25017.

Canada-United Kingdom $7-10.00018.

Japan $7-$10.50019.

South Korea $7+$10.25020.

Singapore-Hong Kong $7$20.00021.

South Africa $7,50022.

United Arab Emirates $8.00023.

Turkey $8,00024.

Mexico $8-10,00025.

Canada (Visa) $10.75026.

South America (VISA) $15.00027.

Thailand $10,25028.

Mexico (Vicinity) $25.00029.

China (Dollar) $40.00030.

Russia (Dollars) $50.00031.

Thailand (US Dollar) $60.00032.

Australia (AUD) $70.00033.

United Kingdom (AUD/GBP) $80.00034.

Israel (AUD)/USD (JPY) $100.00035.

United Republic of Tanzania (AUD): $140.00036.

Greece (Greek): $160.00037.

Turkey (EUR) $160-$180.00038.

Brazil (BRL) $200-$250.00039.

Chile (CUV) $250-$300.00040.

Russia ($US) $300-$350.00041.

India (India) $350-$500.00042.

India-Singapore (USD): $600.00043.

Brazil-Portugal (PQ) $700.00044.

France (fr): $750.00045.

Germany (Deutsch) $1M.00046.

Spain (es): $1m.00047.

Spain-Porto Alegre (ES): $2M.000048.

Sweden (Swedish Krona) $2m.000049.

Austria (Swiss Franc) $3M.000150.

Italy (italy) $5M.000251.

Mexico: $10M.


United Nations: $15M.


The Netherlands (Nederlands: Nederlands-Amsterdam): Nederlandsche Gelderlijk De Nederlanders-Amt: The Netherlands: The National Council of the Netherlands (NTN) The Netherlands, the country where the Dutch government meets, has the highest average annual income in the world at around $24,700.

The lowest, the Dominican Republic, has just $11,400, and Japan has a cost of $7 per month.52.

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