How to win the next presidential election: The experts explain how the Trump team made the deal

By Emily Stephenson and Eric TuckerOctober 27, 2020 8:45pmThe president of the United States is taking a victory lap, saying he “couldn’t have done it” better, but the rest of the country is feeling the pinch.

In a press conference Friday morning, President Donald Trump said that he “would not have done this job” if he did not have the support of Congress.

Trump’s team is hoping to use the time to rally his supporters and convince them that he’s the man to beat Hillary Clinton.

But in his comments Friday morning to reporters, Trump said he’s not done.

He continued to brag about the way his administration has turned the country around, promising to “make America great again.”

He said that after two months of being “very slow” in bringing about changes in Washington, his administration is moving forward, despite the political backlash that followed the election.

He called on Democrats and members of Congress to “take my message seriously” and “give me a fair hearing.”

As the president and his team are putting their focus on securing votes, they’ve been criticized for not doing enough to help the country’s veterans.

Trump has spent the past year criticizing the Veterans Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs for not paying its bills.

He has also criticized VA Secretary David Shulkin for allegedly delaying VA medical appointments.

In the press conference, Trump also promised to “stop the gravy train” of illegal immigration.

He told reporters that his administration will be “the toughest on illegal immigration in the world.”

He said he will deport and incarcerate those who illegally enter the country.

He promised to work with Congress to pass legislation that would “send a message to all those who have broken the law, and have been brought here by their own bad judgment, that we will find you and bring you back to justice.”

The press conference came just days after a bipartisan group of senators released a report that detailed problems at the Veterans Affairs Department.

In the report, they said that veterans are more likely to suffer medical conditions like PTSD and anxiety and are more prone to substance abuse.

The report was released just days before a critical House vote in which the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2019 (VA Choice) legislation is scheduled to come up for a vote.

Trump promised during his election campaign that he would “absolutely” sign the bill into law, but he has not yet done so.