Microsoft’s new HoloLens headset will launch with more than one price point

A new Microsoft HoloLens video promises to be the most affordable headset yet, one that will have the company’s latest augmented reality tech at its core.

The HoloLens is Microsoft’s latest wearable technology, designed to allow people to create and share virtual reality experiences without having to pay for them.

The headset uses special optics and special lenses that create a virtual reality environment that you can interact with using a stylus or finger, making it a much more portable and accessible device than the more expensive and complex Gear VR headset. 

The video, released by the company today, shows off a set of new features that will allow users to create experiences on the HoloLens that range from simple “walking around” to more immersive experiences like “moving objects in 3D space,” and shows off how the headset can integrate with other apps. 

According to Microsoft, HoloLens will include an array of augmented reality apps, like “Polaris,” “Star Trek,” and “Battlestar Galactica,” among others.

“This is a video we’re going to show you right now, the latest in Microsoft’s AR experience, where we’re really excited to be able to showcase what the HoloStack looks like, how it works, and what it means for VR,” said Microsoft’s VP of HoloLens technology, David A. Rubenstein.

“The first thing we’re gonna show you is the new HoloStack that we’re announcing today, the first time we’re launching an AR experience on a platform that we’ve never before released.

So, you’re going have a look, we’ll show you the first glimpse at what it is, and then you’ll see what we’re doing with the first set of apps that are available.

And then we’ll also be talking about how the Holostack is going to bring all these experiences together.”

The HoloStack is a headset that can combine the capabilities of a mobile phone, a tablet, or a smartwatch into a single virtual reality experience.

The HoloLens can be worn on the forehead, and can be positioned on the back to allow users the ability to walk around in 3-D space or move objects in space. 

Microsoft is making the HoloFusion headset, which was announced in February, a part of its next generation augmented reality platform.

This new device includes a special lens that creates a virtual environment in which the user can interact and explore, but it also comes with a more conventional headset that’s designed to let users use the device in a variety of ways.

Microsoft has shown off a number of new products for the HoloPlatform last year, including its HoloLens.

But it hasn’t released much information about what kind of devices it will make available for HoloLens, nor has it released pricing information.