What’s next for Liverpool in the Premier League?

PLD: How do you get back to the top?

This was the question that emerged when Liverpool made the first of three trips to the Capital One Cup last season.

They missed out on winning the league title in the summer, but did qualify for the Champions League.

There is no denying the Reds’ progress over the past few seasons, but with only two games left in the season, and only one win, this is a crucial period for the club.

“The Premier League is the best league in the world, but there are a lot of teams that are not doing as well as us,” manager Brendan Rodgers said.

“They’ve been very competitive in the past couple of years, but not as good as us.

That’s what this Premier League has given us.”

Who will be the next top scorer? 

In this fixture, the top scorer will be Jordon Ibe (23), who scored 20 goals in the league last season and has scored in three of Liverpool’s last four games. 

What’s the best player on the pitch? 

Liverpool have enjoyed success in recent years with their attacking players and this is no different, with Daniel Sturridge (24 goals) and Luis Suarez (23) the most prolific in the squad. 

Who’s the second best player in the country? 

The top scorer in England is Southampton’s Victor Wanyama (25 goals), who has scored four times in six games.

That includes a hat-trick against Arsenal in the Capital one-off. 

How will Liverpool fare against Chelsea? 

With the Premier league in their sights, they will need to be as competitive as they were against Southampton.

Chelsea’s home form is good, but their away form is much better.

They won’t win a game, but they have conceded only two goals at Stamford Bridge this season.

Chelsea have also been a bit unlucky with the goals they have scored in the Champions league. 

Where will Liverpool finish? 

At the moment, the Reds have the best points total in the division and the best goal difference.

That means they will finish fourth, behind Manchester City and Chelsea.

They have a good chance of staying up and fighting for a Champions League spot this season, although Liverpool could fall out of the top four if they do not win their next game. 

Should Liverpool play Manchester City in the first leg? 

This will be a test of how good Liverpool’s new attacking threat is, and the Blues have struggled to keep the ball.

Liverpool should be able to take advantage of Chelsea’s weakness in the middle of the park, with Raheem Sterling (20) and Mohamed Salah (19) the best attacking options. 

Will Liverpool keep possession? 

Will Brendan Rodgers be willing to risk the safety of his defence against the Premier class?

Liverpool will need the best of both worlds if they are to win the title.

They will need Liverpool to play with an attacking edge to take the ball out of Chelsea and keep the pressure on the Blues, but if they allow the Blues to get the ball, they risk conceding. 

Can Liverpool score? 

As with last season, the Premier is full of goals, and with Sturridge and Suarez having established themselves as one of the best strikers in the game, Liverpool will be dangerous when the chance arises.

But they are still lacking in quality at the moment and will need a better performance against Chelsea to see off a Manchester City side that is capable of scoring a lot more. 

Is there anything Liverpool can do to improve? 

It is hard to see how Liverpool can improve from last season if they stay at the same level.

But if they want to return to winning ways, they need to improve on the way they performed in the second leg of the Champions title. 

“The Premier league is the most competitive league in this country,” Rodgers said, before speaking to his players.

“We have to be competitive.

We have to improve, because we have a big task ahead of us.”