A look at the new Toronto Star editorial board

By Andrew TothThe Toronto Star is stepping up its attacks on the city’s mayor.

The editorial board of the national daily on Tuesday unveiled a slate of new hires, a move the paper said was a “major and welcome addition” to its editorial team.

It also vowed to “challenge” the mayor and his team on his record and policies.

“I want to make sure that we are not the only media organization out there, and I want to challenge the mayor,” said Star board member Peter Braidwood.

“I’m going to be working on that.”

The editorial page, which has been run by Braid-Wood since last June, includes four new members, including former national correspondent for The Globe and Mail and former editor of the Toronto Star, Jim Roudebush.

Roudebus said he was not surprised by the editorial board’s hiring.

“It’s very important for a newspaper to be able to compete with the likes of the New York Times, which have had a great editorial board and a great executive board, and the Washington Post, which is a great media organization,” he said.

“They are in a position to be more aggressive on some of the issues that they are concerned about, which are pretty major and welcome additions to the editorial team.”

“It shows they want to have an aggressive voice in this city and this country,” he added.

The Star is also bringing on former senior editor and former Star columnist, David Akin, as a senior political reporter, to lead the editorial page.

Braidwood said the editorial staff has been looking for “the right person” to help lead the paper on some fronts.

“We’re not going to give away too much,” he told reporters.

“The job description is a bit too broad.

We’re not necessarily looking for somebody that’s going to have a whole new view of things.”

Roudemus said it was a challenging position for the new member, but he said he believes his staff will make an “unparalleled contribution to the Star.”

The appointment of Akin, who has worked for the Star for nearly 40 years, comes at a difficult time for the paper.

Roudemas resignation on Tuesday came just days after the Star revealed that a former senior reporter for the Globe and the Toronto Sun resigned from his position over a sexual harassment complaint.

The Globe and The Toronto Sun are among the Star’s biggest advertisers.

The paper has been under fire for months for its handling of the sexual harassment allegations against its editor-in-chief, Raja Koduri, who was dismissed by the board last June.