The PLD Panel is a tool for analyzing and reporting on the Indian stock market

By Gopal BaglaGoogle NewsIndia,India: The Indian Stock Market is a major target for investors looking for more than a cheap price to trade in.

This is especially true for the technology-driven stock market where investors want to find out how their money is being spent.

This panel allows you to find this information from the bottom up.

However, it also has some shortcomings. 

One of the biggest problems with this tool is that it doesn’t have a simple dashboard to show the price of stocks.

The panel shows you the price, volume, volume index, average closing price (ACP), closing volume and average price change (ACPI).

It doesn’t show the trend or market price of the stock.

This lack of a dashboard can be seen in some other panels out there.

The other major problem is that the panel only shows the price in the top right hand corner.

So if you want to see the total number of shares that have been traded, it won’t show that information.

It is quite limited when it comes to how to understand the market price.

The other major drawback of this panel is that you can only view one stock at a time.

So you have to click on one stock to get more details about it.

A more convenient option is to use a simple spreadsheet or Google Spreadsheet Viewer.

If you have one handy then you can open the panel and see the prices for the shares of that stock, the average closing value of that share, the closing price, the volume of that company and more.

To see this, simply paste in the following URL: and click save.

As you can see, it is quite easy to use this panel.

The only thing you have got to do is enter the data you want from the dashboard.