When China’s government banned the internet, the internet changed the world

The internet is a great tool for democracy, but it has its drawbacks, including restrictions on freedom of expression and information, according to a new study.

The Global Internet Freedom Index, published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, looks at countries around the world to find the most free internet and the most restricted.

It’s a global ranking of internet freedoms that takes into account a country’s ability to effectively regulate the internet and monitor online activity.

“China is the most problematic country,” said Simon Black, the executive director of the Globe and Mail Institute for Global Affairs.

“Its authoritarian regime, its restrictions on the internet are very problematic, and China is in a position to make these sorts of comments.”

The report notes that China has banned social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube, but has allowed some online content.

Black said that while China is often portrayed as a democracy, that’s not the case.

“It’s not a democracy,” he said.

“It’s a dictatorship.”

China’s censorship policies have long been controversial.

The government has made a number of moves to restrict information on the Internet, and to limit access to news and information.

But Black said the report doesn’t go too far.

“The report only looks at how free is the internet today and not at what is the free internet is in the future,” he told CBC News.

“There is a lot of potential in China’s internet.

It has a lot to offer.”

The Globe and the Mail Institute’s Black said China could easily improve its online freedoms and could be a major contributor to the global internet.

Black said he hopes the report will help other governments understand the potential impact that internet freedoms have on their economies.

“I think this is an opportunity to be proactive, to understand what the benefits and risks of internet freedom are and to do what’s needed to ensure that it’s not just a tool of repression and that it is something that the world can use,” he added.