Which TV shows do you miss most?

This year has been the worst in years for TV ratings, but there’s no denying it has been a pretty terrible year for TV.

This year’s ratings have been down in absolute terms, and there are a number of shows that have suffered.

The BBC’s The Office, for instance, has lost nearly 30% of its viewers, and even its highest-rated episodes are down from last year.

On top of that, many of the new shows that are being broadcast this year are also coming at a time when the UK is trying to figure out how to balance its own economy and the economic impact of Brexit.

BBC America has had to cancel a ton of shows, with shows like Black Mirror and Scrubs and the new series American Horror Story: Coven coming to an end.

On the other end of the spectrum, CBS has also had to cut a lot of shows it had planned, and has already cancelled many shows that were previously airing.

This means there’s been a big decline in ratings for many shows, including Game of Thrones, the new drama The Big Bang Theory, and American Idol.

In fact, this year has had the worst ratings for new shows for the network in decades, according to the TV Ratings Association.

While some of the worst TV ratings have come from the new dramas that are airing, there’s also been a lot more of shows than expected.

It’s unclear whether there’s a correlation between the UK leaving the European Union and these ratings declines, but if there is, it could be the case that some shows are getting cancelled because the ratings are dropping as they are. 

But how did this year’s TV ratings actually come about? 

The BBC’s website shows the ratings for each episode, and it’s clear that the BBC ratings are falling.

While they may not be down to zero, they are dropping in absolute numbers. 

It’s hard to quantify how much TV shows have dropped since Brexit, but it’s probably fair to say that some series that are scheduled to air are not coming back at all. 

Here are some of these new shows coming to a close in 2018. 

Scrubs: The US version of Scrub will be ending in 2018, but not before it will be followed by the UK version of the show. 

American Horror Story and Coven: Both of these series are coming to end in 2018 after airing for six seasons. 

The Big Bang Story: A show that aired for six years in the US, it’s ending after two seasons in the UK. 

Gotham: This new drama is coming to its final season in 2018 with a new cast and a new story. 

A lot of people are saying that the UK and the US are very different cultures, and that shows like Gotham are going to have to be very careful to stay within that. Hannibal: Season four of Hannibal is coming up, and while that season is not expected to air, it is already being cancelled. 

House of Cards: After eight seasons, the series finale is coming this year. 

Mad Men: We will see the end of Mad Men for the US in 2019, and the end in 2019 for the UK, but they won’t be coming back for a very long time. 

Outlander: It is being reported that Outlander is coming back in 2019. 

This means that we will see a new season of the Scottish drama that was last on TV in 2016. 

Star Trek: StarTrek is coming into 2019.

While the show may not end in 2020, it may end in 2021, which would mean the show will be coming to close. 

Treme: Trying to keep things fair, we can only expect to see a single season of The Blacklist in 2021. 

Westworld: There is no official word yet on when the show is coming down from the network, but season seven of Westworld is coming out. 

Zombie: These two series will be returning in 2019 with the same cast and crew. 

These are some shows that will be retiring for at least a year, but the UK’s series are still going to air in 2019 and 2020. 

What else are you missing? 

Below is a list of shows in the top 10, and what’s happening to other shows. 

In a few of these shows, ratings have dropped significantly, and in some cases they’re even down in the hundreds. 

All ratings are for the most recent season. 

So far, there are no new shows scheduled to be announced for 2018.

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