The future of Microsoft and cloud computing: Microsoft says it will take on Amazon’s cloud by 2020

A few weeks ago, Microsoft confirmed that it would be moving into cloud computing with its next-generation Azure cloud.

The company said that it’s already starting to roll out services like Azure Data Center and Azure Cloud Shell in the cloud, and it is also building new services like Office 365 that are focused on enterprise users.

Now Microsoft has made it clear that it will also be taking on Amazon Web Services by 2020.

The new Azure Cloud will be Microsoft’s new cloud of choice, and we will learn more about that soon. 

In the Cloud panel at Microsoft’s Build conference, the company announced that it was starting to deploy Azure-based Azure services, and that these will be supported by Microsoft’s existing Azure products.

These are the same services that Microsoft started using in the Windows Server family a couple of years ago.

It will be interesting to see how Azure evolves in the coming years.