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The Premier League is often described as the most lopsided league in the world.

However, the average score of a game can vary between a mere 1.0 points per game and over 30.0 in some cases.

Lately, however, it seems that the Premier Leagues lopsides are starting to get a little more extreme. 

The average score for the Premier league last season was 7.9 points per match, up from 7.4 points in the previous season.

Thats a lot of difference. 

A few of the Premier leagues lopsider’s that have seen their average score increase over the last year include Manchester City, Everton and Liverpool. 

Liverpool’s average score was 7 points in 2016/17, and in 2018/19 it jumped to 7.7 points. 

However, for a league that is always trying to increase its average score, Manchester City was the biggest loser.

Its score dropped from 6.7 in 2016 to 5.9 in 2017/18, while Everton dropped from 7 points to 5 points in 2018. 

In terms of the number of matches the Premier leagues average score has been increasing, and at the moment it is up to 21.5. 

Last season, Chelsea’s average scored was 11.2 points per league match, while Manchester United scored 11.1 points per team match. 

This season, Manchester United have the highest average score at 10.8 points per club match.

But its down from 10.4 in 2016. 

Chelsea’s average has dropped from 14.3 points to 13.9. 

Meanwhile, Everton’s average in 2017 is 13.7, up on last season’s 14.5 points.

Its also up from 13.3 last season. 

Everton is the only Premier league team to score more than a goal for each league game this season, as it averaged 1.9 goals per game. 

There is no shortage of lopsiders who are currently on their way out of the league. 

United have lost the most players of any club in the league, as they lost 5 players in the space of a year. 

Arsenal also lost the majority of their players this season.

They have lost 2 players this summer, while also losing a total of 3 players to the transfer window. 

Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur are both struggling this season and have only managed 2 and 3 points respectively in the top 3 of the table, respectively. 

With the current state of the season, it is very difficult to see any club winning any more than 3 points.

That would be a real shame, as the Premier League is a top tier league that deserves to be competitive. 

For the Premier, its up to the clubs to ensure they are doing things right. 

Do you agree that the average scoring of the teams is getting out of hand?

What do you think should be done to improve the scoring of this league?

Let us know in the comments section below. 

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