How to turn your phone into a WiFi router

By Chris WhitestockSource Wired title Why you should keep your WiFi network and your WiFi router separate article By Alex FraderaIn the past few years, a host of new features have allowed you to keep your wireless network and router separate.

The newest of these is the new PLD (Personal LAN) panel.

If you own a router that supports PLD panels, you can connect it to your network and turn your router into a network adapter, or you can buy an adapter that connects your router to your Internet.

In order to use the PLD system, you’ll need to make sure your network adapter has PLD enabled.

If your router doesn’t have PLD disabled, then it’s probably time to upgrade it.

Here are the steps to upgrade your router.

To get started, head to Settings > Wireless > Advanced.

You’ll need an internet connection to connect to your router, and you’ll want to change the wireless adapter to PLD.

Once you have your network working properly, turn on PLD, and follow the instructions to set up the PLID system.

Once your network is configured properly, you will need to set your router up as a router.

In this step, we’ll cover the basics of setting up a PLD router, but we’ll be covering a lot more later.

First, let’s take a look at PLD’s settings.

Clicking on the PLO icon will bring up a list of all the PLOD panels available to you.

You can also click on the button that says Network.

Next to the PLOM button is the PLOS button, which will open up a menu that lets you select PLOD as the default option.

Once you select that option, you should see a list that looks like this:When you’re ready to use your PLOD network, simply select PLO and it will connect to the network and start to operate.

Once connected, PLO will show up in the list of available PLOD panel options.

Once PLO is active, you’re all set to start your network.