How to install and use the latest Android 4.4 KitKat update in the new Nexus 6P

Google has now added support for the latest version of Android 4, which brings some significant improvements to the user experience.

The update is a big one, and the Nexus 6p’s Android 4 KitKat is one of the most powerful and popular phones on the market.

It includes support for a host of new features, including the addition of a new Google Now voice-activated search engine, improved video playback and the new “OK Google” feature.

The most important of these new features is Google Now, which now has a voice assistant that you can use to navigate your phone using the built-in navigation buttons.

This voice assistant is also available for apps, but is primarily focused on the Google Now Launcher.

When you launch an app that supports Google Now with the Google Assistant, it will automatically open in the Launcher.

You can use this voice assistant to navigate to the app and find it on your phone’s home screen.

Google Now has also been expanded to support third-party apps, too.

You will also now be able to create Google Now-like events with the “Create” option in the notification shade.

This new voice assistant lets you access more information about the app, such as which apps are installed on your device, which apps have recently been updated, and how long a particular app has been installed on the device.

Google has also updated its Google Assistant to include an improved way to search the web.

You can also use the Google Home speaker to make Google Now calls, although the voice assistant does not respond to voice commands.

The new Google Home app now also allows you to control the home screen with Google Now.

This feature is very similar to what’s been found in the Google search app, but it’s much easier to use.

You’ll still need to open the app on your home screen to use it, but you’ll get to control your home screens in a much more natural manner.

The Google Now launcher has been redesigned to be much more accessible, and it includes a search bar that lets you search for apps from the Google Play Store, Amazon and other third-parties.

You’ll also now have the ability to customize the Google Search interface, which includes options for the Google app, the Google home screen and the search bar.

Google also added a number of new Google services to the launcher, such in-app billing, notifications, and more.

You should also be able access the Google Music app in the launcher.

You should also notice that the Google Photos app is now a standalone app, which means you can now take a photo with it instead of having to launch the Photos app and choose the photo from the camera roll.

This is a nice change that makes taking photos easier than ever before.

You may also notice a number other improvements to Android 4 in the Android 4 Android 4 OS update.

For instance, there are some new features to the notification panel, including a “Reply” option to automatically respond to any incoming text messages.

You may also now add a few more new features like the ability for apps to read text messages on your screen.

Android 4 also introduces a number new notifications for you to get more notifications about important things in your life.

For example, when you launch a new photo or audio recording, you’ll now see a notification about the photo or recording on the notification bar.

You will also get a new “Find All” option that allows you search your device’s storage to find the files on your hard drive.

You might also notice more performance improvements in Android 4 and Android 4 Touch.

The phone now has more RAM, and you’ll notice performance improvements when using apps like YouTube or Google Play Music.

There’s also a new app in Google Play called “Android 4” which allows you the ability share files from your device to your Android smartphone.

This app is an Android app, so you can install it from Google Play and run it directly on your Android phone.

However, you will also need to go into your Google Play account to install the app.

You also have the option to install it on the home screens of Android devices.

Google says the new Android 4 software is now available to all Android 4 devices.