The latest: Trump administration plans $1 billion to upgrade coal plants to cut carbon emissions

By MICHAEL HAYWARD, Associated PressPresident Donald Trump on Wednesday announced a $1.5 billion package of federal stimulus funding to boost coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon emissions and help fight global warming.

The federal spending, which was announced during a visit to the West Virginia coal-mining town of West Virginia, comes a week after Trump’s administration announced $1 million in incentives to revive coal-powered plants.

The $1bn would help revive coal plants that were shuttered or partially shut down by the Obama administration as part of a federal mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The announcement follows a series of recent coal-plant closures, including at two coal-burning plants in Kentucky and at two in Tennessee.

Trump is seeking to use the stimulus to revive the coal industry, which has seen declining sales and profits since the 2016 presidential election.