When it comes to trade possibilities, the Pittsburgh Penguins might not have a ton of room to maneuver

The Pittsburgh Penguins may not have much room to move in the trade market, according to general manager Jim Rutherford.

The Penguins have a cap hit of $10.5 million, which will only be raised by acquiring defensemen Kris Letang and Zack Kassian, and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury.

Rutherford said the Penguins are going to try to move some of their pieces, but are not going to make any major moves in free agency.

“You never know where you’re going to find some of these guys,” Rutherford said.

“We’ll see where that takes us.

If we’re not getting them, it will be interesting.

We’ll see what happens.”

The Penguins also will need to re-sign center Evgeni Malkin and winger Sidney Crosby, who is still under contract for next season.

The two will both be eligible for arbitration next season, so Rutherford is hoping to move both of them.

“We’re going through some trade discussions,” Rutherford told reporters.

“It’s not going out of our hands.

We’ve got some deals on the table that will be on the trade table.”

Rutherford also said the Pittsburgh Panthers will not be making any significant moves, which could lead to the team losing several pieces.

“I think that’s a fair assessment,” Rutherford laughed.

“I think our cap is $10 million, and we’re looking for guys to add some depth to our lineup and make some moves.

We haven’t done anything yet, but we’ll keep watching and watching and seeing where it takes us.”

The Panthers are also in the market for a forward.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that the Panthers are “pumping the brakes” on a deal for winger Matt Cullen, but Rutherford said that they will be open to the possibility of trading him.

The Panthers have some salary-cap space to move forward, and Rutherford is not ruling out a potential trade with a team that could sign Cullen.

“If we have to, we’ll look at it,” Rutherford joked.

“That’s one of the things we’re going out and looking at.”

The Pittsburgh Penguins will not make any significant trades, Rutherford said, because of the cap.